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To add a marker, click on the map.
To move map or a marker, drag it.
To jump to a marker, click .
To rename a marker, edit below.
To delete a marker, click below.
To zoom, click Zoom In or Zoom Out on the map.
To undo a change, use back button.
To add a marker, double-tap on map.
To move map or a marker, drag it.
To jump to a marker, tap .
To rename a marker, edit below.
To delete a marker, tap below.
To zoom, pinch two fingers on map.
To undo a change, use back button.
To move the map, drag it.
To jump to a marker, click it.
To zoom, click Zoom In or Zoom Out on the map.
To open in Google Maps, click .
To move the map, drag it.
To jump to a marker, tap it.
To zoom, pinch two fingers on the map.
To open in the Maps app, tap .
Here you can create your own custom map based on the map that you were just viewing.

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MapFling: easily share free maps with your own custom markers!

MapFling is a free Web 2.0 AJAX online service which lets you:

Free Maps

Bring up a map of nearly any city or country in the world (a road map, aerial photogaphy, a satellite image, or a hybrid map),

Mark Custom Points on Map with your own Annotation or Description

Add one or more markers (also called labels, push-pins, pegs, waypoints, landmarks, or annotations) to the annotated map, with your own custom descriptions.

Share the Map with others by email, instant messaging, blog, websites

Easily share that marked-up map with anyone. Send a map via email or on facebook or Instagram. Share a map via Twitter or IM (Instant Messaging, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Google Chat, Microsoft MS Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM). Include a map in your blog, vlog, or weblog.

Party Invitations, Wedding, Events, Evites

Throwing a party? Organizing a festival, birthday party, wedding, funeral, or conference? Add a MapFling link (URL) to your invite and everyone can see where it's at with a single click!

Corporate Hospitality and Hotel and Restaurant Travel: Welcome Business Customers and Interview Candidates to Office Visits

Customers flying in to visit your office? Impress them with a MapFling map that shows your office, their hotel, and maybe a few of your favorite restaurants too! Annotate each location with whatever description you want to include ("Excellent restaurant here!").

Meeting Maps for Appointments, Meeting your Friend, Online Date, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend

Meeting a friend at the local park? It's a big place: with a MapFling satellite image, you can pinpoint the exact park bench where you'll be waiting for her!

Real Estate, House Rentals, Apartments for Rent, Properties for Sale

Got a house or apartment for sale or rent? Include a MapFling link (URL) in your online ads to get an edge over the other listers. With one click, your renters will know where you are. If you're a real estate agent, blow away your customer with a custom MapFling map showing multiple properties with your customized comments.

Any time you would hunt around for a paper map to mark up and fax/scan/snail-mail to people, you can fling it instead! They will receive your map instantly, complete with your markers and comments. They will be able to zoom in and out on the map, explore the area, and print if they like.

Collaborate on Maps for Travel Plans, Scavenger Hunts, Real Estate

What's more, they can even create their own custom version of your map, adding more markers and adjusting existing ones, and send it back to you! Collaborate on real estate searches, travel plans, party arrangement, or even scavenger hunts! The possibilities are endless!